The scientific conference “Autumn Mathematical Readings in Adygea” will take place at Adyghe State University.

Program Committee
  • A. M. Raigorodsky (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow) – chairman;
  • N. N. Andreev (Steklov Institute of Mathematics, Moscow);
  • A. A. Davydov (National University of Science and Technology MISiS,
    Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow);
  • A. V. Gasnikov (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow);
  • R. N. Karasev (Institute for information transmission problems (Kharkevich Institute) Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow);
  • A. P. Karp (Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, USA);
  • V. D. Kryakvin Southern Federal University, Rostov-on-Don);
  • N. V. Kuznetsov (St Petersburg University, Saint Petersburg);
  • D. K. Mamiy (Adyghe State University, Maykop);
  • I. S. Safuanov (Moscow City University, Moscow);
  • A. V. Savvateev (Adyghe State University, Maykop);
  • A. G. Sergeev (Steklov Institute of Mathematics, Moscow);
  • I. N. Sergeev (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow);
  • A. N. Solovyov (Don State Technical University, Rostov-on-Don);
  • M. M. Shumafov (Adyghe State University, Maykop);
  • A. Kh. Stash (Adyghe State University, Maykop);
  • M. A. Tchoshanov (Department of Teacher Education, The University of Texas
    at El Paso, El Paso, USA);
  • M. A. Kh. Urtenov (Kuban State University, Krasnodar);
  • Shlomo Weber (Department of Economics, Southern Methodist University,
    Dallas, Texas, USA);
  • A. V. Zablotskyy (Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences,
    Prague, Czech Republic);
  • M. E. Zhukovskii (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow).